I believe in Integrity and staying true to yourself.
I believe in respect of yourself, others and property, no matter who's it is.
I believe in honoring your parents, no matter how outrageous their rules might seem at the time.
I believe in letting go of past mistakes, and looking to the future.
I believe that God's love is the only way to find true happiness in your life.
I believe that beauty in nature can bring tears to your eyes.
I believe in searching for purpose.
I believe that sharing your gifts with the world is the best way to minister.
I believe that music can give you chills and change your life in an instant.
I believe that there is true love out there for me.
I believe in living each moment as if you are taking your last breath.
I believe in killing meanness with kindness.
I believe that I can be whatever I want to be even if I don't know what that is yet.
I believe that a happy child can change the mood of a whole room.
I believe that I can help light the world with my smile.
I believe that I am beautiful, no matter what anyone else tells me.
I believe that I am good enough.
I believe in me.

Down in LeoLand this morning…

6:30 - alarm goes off, hit snooze

7:06 - wake up in a haze, realize you have ten minutes to get ready, brush teeth, wash face, throw on jeans a tea shirt and flip flops, pull air up into a messy bun, grab backpack and run out the door.

7:35 - arrive at cafeteria, only to realize your presentation is today and you were supposed to dress professionally.  Shove some food down your throat and rush to computer class

8:00 - tell your teacher you have to leave early and go on facebook while he talks about how to change slides on a porwerpoint.

8:36 - rush back the marmion mile to your room, change, do hair, put on make-up and jewlery

9:10 - rush back to campus, go to class and present.

10:50 - homework…

2:00 - Fall down the stairs and sprain foot.

Don’t you just love college?

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